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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

modes4u fimo products - card 2

For this card I just used a card base and pieces out of a card kit. The stampset I used was see D's A piece of cake.
Using a triangle shaped make-up sponge (the ones we use to ink smaller items) I cut it down to size, and cut off what would be the back edge of the cake, making it mostly flat, so it could be adhered to the card. Some fiddling with the size will be needed as you dont want your fimo pieces looking too small on it.
I used some brown I think its Tea dye distressing ink to get it looking a more sponge cake colour.
I took a permanet red marker and drew a line down one side. then went over the line with little touches of Glossy Acents.
On the top and the bottom of this line I used opal perfect pearls to make the 'cream' lines.

I then smeared more perfect pearls on the top and side of cake, I tried not to smooth it, and made as many peaks as i could on the side, as perfect pearls tends to dry flat.
Before the perfect pearls dried, I added the fimo strawberry slices that I cut from the fimo cane, I did buy some additional whole strawberries, from ebay. They can be found in the doll house section.
I then put a little bit more perfect pearl icing at the bottom edge of the cake. I left it to dry overnight on an acryllic block.
When dry the sponge is still spongy but the perfect pearls keeps everything in place. Just to be safe I will make a card box to post this one in.


  1. Beautiful card love the glitter and the cake look so real - look good enough to eat thanks for sharing!!!

  2. thanks so much will utube soon,
    thanks for stopping by

  3. Wow so yummy, it looks so real!
    Fab card Angela!
    Hugs xx

  4. Love the card, but the cake looks good enough to eat. Would love the directions for making it. Great job. I am becoming a follower and will be back soon to see what else you come up with. Stop by and see me sometime.


  5. This card is really cute. How clever. Will stop by again soon. All my best, and stay well. Valerie

  6. WoWWWWWWWWWWWW you are definitely my kind of crafter!!!!! this is just so different... I love it.

    Blessings :)




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