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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Remaining Pages of my messy project

I am so proud to have finally conquered using distress inks, still working on the stamping but its getting better

This page is my partners page, he has had a really good year so far, I will insert his photo in the frame soon. it does not have any journelling space, as to get him to sit down and write would be impossible, so i just put his favourite quote and some icons of what has happened to him

This page represent my middle daughter. Yes she is all about the music, she is always singing and i call her my little song bird. She has had a relative good year, and has just finished her GCSE which i will portray in her mixed media page

I threw everything at this page, embossing inking paint, really started to get into the mood for experimenting. I still tried to keep the 'home theme with the stickers which came with the paper pack.
This page is for my eldest daughter, she has been stuck at home looking for a job, whilst she tries to get on to her japanese course AGAIN she keeps missing the places. In all this disappointment she has been content and taken it in her own stride, tell you the truth she is a much stronger person than I give her credit for

This page represents the children's dad. He has been a constant support in their lives. This year he has really had to step in due to my surgeries, he always makes sure that we have our dinner and now he has become the national Bank Of Dad. I keep telling him he is spoiling them but he just wont listen. He has been a real blessing to us this year.

This the back cover, it just summerizes what and who the book is about. I had a go at stenciling it came out really good. I used a Martha Stuart punchout that was a gift from Fiona on utube. A very kind lady, but yeah loved the way this turned out. No I did not make that beautiful flower I bought it from a craftbrulee another lady on utube, but I did make the organza rose flowerish thing, my first go he he.
Well thats the mini album/journal pages finished and I have started on the art journal bit, mmm wish me luck

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

pages 3 of my messy use everything project

hello, last couple of days been on my messy project, have got everything out perfect pearls, paints, inks, stamps, etc. This has a tag for photos and jounalling, but this page is for my youngest daughter, In her life right now, she has many suitors, she is realising that she becoming a woman and a good looking one at that! and boy does she want to embelish that fact. So here she is, becoming an elegant young lady, being atrracted and atrractive to the opposite sex. her studies are sound and she has a vibrant social life. This is her snap shot as of July 2010. will do a mixed media painting for her when I get my paint brushes,

Friday, 9 July 2010

A couple of cards

made some cards today, started on page three of my messy project but still needs some work lol

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A simple quick card

Invest in Kanban cardstock and embelishments, they also have a range called Concepts. Makes elegant cards in minutes

My re-drawn pictures now that chipboard is painted

Yep I sat a little while redrawing the picture I lost when I painted the chipboard. Its okay I am satisfied with what I have done, but now I have some new goodies to experiment with my pencil drawings

I have never used Modge podge before, So I thought this trial pack was just the thing. I bought it from a company called Quickdraw Supplies Limited. wwwqdsupplies.co.uk The set was £9.34 including VAT with £2.00 shipping. You get 5x 58ml which consits of Sparkle, Gloss, Matt, Outdoor and Paper. Mmm think I will have a play first.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

the next page

The next page I painted chipboard white, stuck some paper on to it, (leaving a space at the bottom so I can insert journelling spot and photo mat) I painted edges white then embossed swirls in holographic embossing powder, then high lighted it with pink and brown distressing inks.

I wanted it to tell how I felt right now so I stamped and inked the words to remind me, I hope I can look back on this year as the beginning of my journey back to who I really am.

I have not stuck anything down so is liable to change lol

the artist's escape

last night I was feeling arty, I had come upstairs from crafting, my body was sore but I could not rest so I started to think where my family was right at this moment in 2010. I thought I would document it, so i started with my feelings etc and started to draw.
Right now I just feel like I am living half the life I should be leading. Inside I am okay but my physical shape is poor, I have bad eyesight and a body that aches, but in my mind i see beauty, I want to recreate that in art
Dont know how I will paint it, any ideas?

The idea I had of drawing on the chipboard
painting it white then painting in the lines kind of flopped. the white acryllic was better than I gave it credit for and covered the lot.
so I had to draw it again, I plan to use a copic marker and acryllic paints to colour. watch this space

Dirty project

ok its been a long time, mostly on my utube channel, been out of action due to recovering from my surgery. Been watching people do art journels and decided to try out a lot of my mediums that I have bought and never used because of fear into my next project.
okay here is the cover, its not finished yet have to stamp the text on the white bits will update shortly.
wish me luck

Okay here I have taken it as far as I could, I messed about with grout acryllic paint, desress inks and loads and loads of glue! Really pleased with my new stamp set only six pounds and sentiments are beautiful



personalized for a christening