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Sunday, 4 July 2010

the artist's escape

last night I was feeling arty, I had come upstairs from crafting, my body was sore but I could not rest so I started to think where my family was right at this moment in 2010. I thought I would document it, so i started with my feelings etc and started to draw.
Right now I just feel like I am living half the life I should be leading. Inside I am okay but my physical shape is poor, I have bad eyesight and a body that aches, but in my mind i see beauty, I want to recreate that in art
Dont know how I will paint it, any ideas?

The idea I had of drawing on the chipboard
painting it white then painting in the lines kind of flopped. the white acryllic was better than I gave it credit for and covered the lot.
so I had to draw it again, I plan to use a copic marker and acryllic paints to colour. watch this space

1 comment:

  1. Wow Angela! You are so talented! These drawings are fabulous girl!
    I just love them.
    Well done!
    Hugs xx




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