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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

pages 3 of my messy use everything project

hello, last couple of days been on my messy project, have got everything out perfect pearls, paints, inks, stamps, etc. This has a tag for photos and jounalling, but this page is for my youngest daughter, In her life right now, she has many suitors, she is realising that she becoming a woman and a good looking one at that! and boy does she want to embelish that fact. So here she is, becoming an elegant young lady, being atrracted and atrractive to the opposite sex. her studies are sound and she has a vibrant social life. This is her snap shot as of July 2010. will do a mixed media painting for her when I get my paint brushes,


  1. Oh wow! Looking brilliant babe!! Love all the different elements! They look great together. Love the story bout your daughter too :o) bless her! Can't wait to see more :o) mwah xx

  2. Very pretty it has the vintage look to it thanks for sharing




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